Black Tweezer Clamp W/link Chain

Black Tweezer Clamp W/link Chain

Black Tweezer Clamp W/link Chain
Blackline Adjustable Tweezer Clamps Link Chain.

Adjustable nipple clamps offer a range of pressures.

for a variety of sensations.

Excellent for beginners and experienced alike, gorgeous Spartacus Tweezer clamps offer a look that is sensually attractive on both women and men.

Tweezer clamps adjust at the touch of a finger for a satisfying range of sensations, from delicate pinch to moderate pain.

Non-piercing body jewelry.

Nipple clamps can be applied to the nipples of either men or women.

They create pain/pleasure by restricting blood flow from erect nipples by applying pressure to them.

Most nipple clamps are adjustable allowing the user to determine the amount of pressure.

For first timers please check every 15 minutes to ensure bruising to delicate tissue does not occur.

To turn up the volume use a nipple sensitizers like Doc Johnson Novelties makes item number DJ785302.

Spartacus .


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